Dr.Tayebeh Abbasyoun,Neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist,Full member of British Society of Clinical Neurophysiology (BSCN)
Academic member of Iranian MS Society
Member of European Neurologist Society

Work Address: Arad General Hospital, Somayeh Street, Shariaty Avenue, Tehran, Iran.

Post code: 1561816413

TEL: 00982177601001~7

FAX: 00982177500958

Arad Hospital Tel Center: +98 (21) 73990

Private Clinic Address: Flat No.7, No.414, Motahari Ave, Larestan Corner, Tehran, Iran.


Email Address: [email protected]


Medical doctorate Degree :: Shahid Beheshty University – Tehran Iran

September 1989 –August 1992 :: Clinical Assistantship (residency) in Neurology – Shahid Beheshty University – Tehran – Iran

September 1992_May1993 :: Neurology Department attachment – St.James’s University Hospital – Leeds – UK

January 1993_February 1997 :: Clinical Neurophysiology Department training
Gained Experience :undertaking & reporting EMG & EEG EPs with particular emphasis on intraopratative somatosensory evoked potential monitoring to preserve sciatic nerve function during surgical procedure
October 1996_March 1997 :: (2 days /wk) Neuropathology Department_ LEEDS General Infirmary
January 1997_March 1997 :: Pediatric Neurology Department Yorkshire Regional pediatric Neurology Service Leeds – UK
July 1995 :: Pediatric Clinical Neurophysiology Unit attachment _ Park Hospital for children – Oxford
September 1997_June1998 :: Roozbeh University Hospital _ Tehran University
Academic member running EEG & Epilepsy& Neurology Clinics
September 1998 :: The Walfare university _Tehran _Academic member _ Teaching Neurology & Electromyography to the physiotherapist students
July 1999 to date :: Arad Private General Hospital (Referral Neurology & Neurosurgery Center) – Tehran – Iran (Share Holder) Neurologist & Clinical Neurophysiologist Consultant
July – 2011 :: Attend as an honorary clinical assistantship at Oxford Radcliffe Hospital – Department of Clinical neurophysiology & LTM Department
August- 2011 :: attend LTM department at UCL Institute of Neurology The National Hospital for neurology & Neurosurgery- Queen square – London making a Honorary clinical Assistantship contract.
2011 :: Attended the 5th Joint Triennial Congress of the European and American Committees for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis.
June – 2012 :: Attended the 22nd Meeting of the European Neurological Society. Held in Prague/Czech Republic June 09 – 12, 2012
October – 2013 :: Attended the 29th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis Held in Copenhagen/Denmark. 2-5 October 2013.
September – 2014 :: Attended the World Congress on NeuroTheraoeutics: Dilemmas, Debates & Discussions. Basel, Switzerland, September 4-7, 2014
September – 2014 :: Participated in the 16th congress of the European federation of Neurological Societies. Stockholm, Sweden, September 8-11, 2012.
November – 2014 :: Attended the Seventh Congress of the Pan-Asian Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (PACTRIMS). Thursday 6 – Saturday 8 November, 2014 Taipei Taiwan.
September – 2015 :: Attended the 31th International Epilepsy Congress. Istanbul, Turkey 5th – 9th September 2015.
May – 2016 :: Participated in the 2nd Congress of the European Academy of Neurology held in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 28-31, 2016.
September – 2016 :: Attended the Ninth Congress of the Pan-Asian Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (PACTRIMS). Thursday 27 – Saturday 29 October, 2016 Bangkok, Thailand.
September – 2016 :: European Committee for treatment and research in multiple sclerosis, London UK.
2016 :: PACTRIMS, 2016, Bangkok Thailand

October 2017 :: attended the MSParis2017-7th Joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS Meeting , Held in Paris / France


Member of the British Society for clinical Neurophysiology


Electrolytic Disorders in New born – Held in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences library

Polymyositis & Dermatomyositis clinical course, paraclinical findings, treatment & response to therapy in Loghman Hospital _ Tehran _ Iran – Held in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences library

Intraoprative Somatosensory Evoked Potential Monitoring During pelvic & Ace tabular Fractures

Published in the British journal of Electrophysiology & Technology (Oct.1995)


Dr. H. Pakdaman, Professor of Neurology – Neurology Department ,Loghman University Hospital, Tehran ,Iran
Dr. Jamshid Lotfi Professor of Neurology(F.R.C.P) – Previous head of Neurology Department – Shariaty University Hospital -Tehran – Iran
Dr. A.A. da Costa, MD .F.R.C.P.(Canada) – Consultant Neurophysiologist – Department of Clinical Neurophysiology _ St. James University Hospital – Becket Street _ Leeds _ LS9 _7TF
Dr. Zenobia Zeilwalla – Consultant in paediatric Clinical Neurophysiology/ Epilepsy __West Wing John Radcliff Hospital _ Headington _Oxford – Professor K. Abbassioun (American Board of neurosurgery)
Professor of Neurosurgery _ Arad General Hospital
Professor A.A. Amirjashidy _Professor of Neurosurgery Head of neurosurgery Department of Sina university Hospital_Tehran Medical Science University
Professor Mathew Walker MA FRCP PhD – Professor of Neurology – UCL Institute of Neurology Queen Square – Queen square- London WC1N -3BG
Dr. Robbin Kennet Bsc MD FRCP- Consultant in clinical Neyrophysilogy – Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals-level 3 West Wing –Department of clinical Neurophysiolgy – Headington Oxford OX3 Du